Air Mattress Sizes and Sleeping Pads Sizes

An air mattress refers to an inflatable mattress, which is dominantly manufactured out of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), even though some have recently been developed using rubber or textile-reinforced urethane plastic. It is also known as an airbed. A deflated air mattress can be folded or rolled up and stored or carried relatively easily. This makes them a popular preference for temporary bedding for guests at home and camping trips. They can be inflated orally by blowing into the valve, or manually through a foot-powered pump; however, an electric pump is the most common way of inflating them. Some are capable of inflating automatically by simply opening the valve. Different sizes of air mattresses are available in the market.

King Size Air Mattress

A standard king sized air mattress measures approximately 78 in. x 75 in. x 8 in. (198.12 cm x 190.5 cm x 20.32 cm) when inflated. It is fitted with a valve that facilitates quick inflation and deflation when necessary. It can be used indoors as an extra bed for guests or in camping facilities. Most air mattresses are fixed with a significant number of comfort coils to enhance comfort. Their soft top guarantees you a soothing sleeping experience. Few king size air mattresses are manufactured since they are only popular in the United States unlike in other parts of the world.

Queen Size Air Mattress

The queen sized air mattress ensures that you get maximum comfort and gives you the feeling of home. It is easier to get onto it and the integrated pump is used to inflate the mattress fast with just a push of a button. It is usually equipped with an adjustment wand for fine tuning to either a softer or firmer sleeping surface. It is suitable for all conditions since it is specially engineered to give incredible support and any form of sagging.

Twin Size Air Mattress

The dimensions of a twin sized air mattress are approximately 74 inches in length and 39 inches in width. The term twin is derived from the fact that this air mattress can be extended into two bed spaces because two of them are designed to look as one. This is suitable in large camping spaces or at home when extra room is required by guests.

Double Size Air Mattress

They are similar to the king size and queen size air mattresses in length and width, only that when they are fully inflated their height is twice that of the king and queen size air mattresses. They should not be confused with raised air mattresses which are raised above the ground similar to the standard bed.

Full Size Air Mattress

A standard full sized air mattress measures approximately 74 inches in length and 54 inches in width. These blow up beds are designed to mimic ordinary beds in the standard home. These are the most preferred sizes of beds in most camping sites for the room and comfort they offer, both for sleeping and recreation especially for couples.

Raised Air Mattresses

Raised air mattresses sometimes referred to as temporary beds are usually elevated above the ground so that users are away from the floor to provide the traditional experience of sleeping in a normal bed. The length and width may be similar to those of twin size, king size and queen size air beds but the height differs from one manufacturer to another. Even if raised air mattresses are elevated above the ground, they are cannot be used on a full time basis since their base consists of a chamber of air unlike the standard bed which has a solid foundation.

Regardless of the size of the air mattress, comfort depends on the technology used in manufacturing them. Different sizes are designed for different spaces, with the largest ones meant for spacious camping sites and homes. The weight that can be supported by these mattresses is not dependent on their size but rather the type and intensity of materials, rubber and plastic tend to support more weight in comparison to the regular synthetic fabrics.

Sleeping Pads

A sleeping pad provides two major benefits to the users which are insulation and cushioning. Cushioning could be argued to be the most important benefit of a pad but often more important is its ability to insulate the body from cold surfaces cannot be understated either. When selecting a suitable sleeping pad, it is advisable to try out a number of different pads before you decide on the favorable size and model. Different sizes of sleeping pads give a varying amount of cushioning and insulation. For this reason, trying out several sizes will enable you have a feel of the cushioning that is comfortable for you, suitable length and width, not forgetting its weight, ability to be packed and how fast it inflates. A variety of sizes of sleeping pads are available in the market:

Foam Pads

They are made out of foam and are very durable, waterproof, provide enough warmth for three-season hiking and very light. Their main advantage is that they can be cut down to customize their length.  They are the least expensive sleeping pads in the market.  The only disadvantage of foam pads is that they are less comfortable in comparison to other types with a lesser R-Value (ability to resist heat flow). There are two main types of foam pads.

  • Blue-foam Pad – Ideal for backpackers since it is extremely light and small in size
  • Ridge Rest / Z-Lite – almost the same size as the blue-foam pads but are more comfortable and are suitable for early shoulder season backpacking.

Air Pads

These are small fold-able pads that use air for cushioning while some models integrate reflection and insulation materials to enhance retaining of warmth. They are inflated manually and some models come with an integrated hand pump or external stuff-sack pump that helps in inflating the pad. They are lightweight, comfortable and suitable for backpacking and camping in warmer conditions throughout the year. Two types are available in the market.

  • Without an inner core – they are the lightest air pads and comfortable as compared to sleeping pads centered on backpacking. Suitable for late spring and late summer.
  • With a core – have an inner core of synthetic insulation or nylon for maximum warmth. Are suitable for smaller spaces and are less expensive

Self-Inflating Pads

These are self-inflating pads that provide a combination of air and open-cell foam insulation. When the valve of the pad is opened the vacuum fills up with air automatically. They are compact and their firmness can be adjusted to offer favorable insulation. Even though they are medium sized, they tend to be heavyweight and can easily be ripped off. The minimum size of a sleeping pad should at least cover the hips and shoulders. Normal (usually 72 inches in length) and long (75-78-inches long) pads are capable of insulating your legs and feet, which is a big plus especially cold winter excursions. A shorter or 3/4-length pad (normally 47 or 48 inches long) is light weight and can be packed into smaller spaces. One needs to consider their height before choosing a sleeping pad to ensure they are insulated during the cold season appropriately.


Air Mattress Pump Guide

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Air mattresses are a type of sleeping pad that some campers prefer than sleeping mats. Also known as air bed, they have an adjustable air chamber which acts as its support system. The air chamber might vary among air mattresses, depending on their use. For example, air beds that are used as a temporary accommodation for guests will have an air chamber covered in upholstery materials or padding. The additional fiber and foam could provide the firmness that is reminiscent to normal beds.

Air mattresses are made to be portable and lightweight. These are truly excellent choices for camping. They can be reduced in size simply by deflating the device and inflating them upon reaching the camp grounds. Backpackers often call them sleeping pads, and would often choose air mattresses with a layer of foam insulation just under the air support chambers so it would fare better on the ground. Campers need to have a handy inflation device, such as an air pump to inflate them. This could be done by connecting the air bed’s hoses to the air pump and pumping air into the support chamber. Some inflation devices have a remote control which could be used to adjust the firmness.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Air Pump

Air mattresses have one or more tubes that could be connected to the air mattress pump to inflate the device. Without the air pump for air mattress, users could not make use of the device. They would also be hesitant in deflating a device without an air pump ready because inflating it would be further delayed. Air pumps are made in different sizes and shapes, but not all of them could inflate air mattresses the right way. It is best to secure the right air pump before putting air in the air mattress, or risk irreparable damage. Owners should have a proper checklist on how to choose the best air pump on the market to answer their needs, not only for inflating air mattresses, but also in other things.

There are a lot of brands claiming to sell the best air pumps for indoor and outdoor use. Research should be a top priority when shopping for an air pump because the information, and perhaps the feedback on selected pumps, would help you determine the best value for money. The best air pumps are also not cheap to begin with, but you should invest in it if you plan to use your air beds regularly.

Using the wrong air pump would lead you to waste time and money. You might buy an air pump just because it is the popular one on the market; however, it might not be compatible with your air mattresses. Also, you could damage your air mattress by forcing an air pump to inflate it despite not being recommended. The right air pump should not be expensive nor well-known, but has the power to inflate your device with ease.

air-pumpFactors to Consider

Choosing an air pump is not rocket science. You should only have a checklist of factors to consider when buying. Bear in mind that not all air pumps fare well on all of these features. It is up to you to prioritize the factors that would help you in using and prolonging the life of your air mattresses. You should also be aware that no two air pumps are alike because each has different features to boast. Consider the features before purchasing the air pump.

Nozzle Type

The first consideration you need to make in choosing an air pump for your air mattress is the nozzle type. A nozzle is defined as a mechanism that regulates fluid or air flow. Air pumps use nozzles to project air or fluid through a pressurized vent. Before heading out to the mall, make sure to check your air bed and see what valves it has. The valve of the bed’s hose and the air pump nozzle should be compatible. There is a solution that could help you avoid buying the wrong air pump, and that is to buy the nozzle separately. Some air bed manufacturers are able to provide specific nozzles that you can attach to your existing air pump, so you do not need to buy another pump specifically for air beds.

Pump Type

Thanks to technology, air pumps are now available in both manual and electric types. Manual air pumps are basically cheaper and less complicated to utilize. It involves attaching the nozzle to the mattress’ hose and pumping the air in its support system with your hands and feet. If you are not familiar with manual labor, then this activity might be torture for your muscles. Manual pumps could be used for indoors and outdoors. They might be quite bulky, but still portable for camping.

Electric air mattress pumps are easier to handle and could inflate air beds in a short span of time. They are very powerful, and sometimes come in different nozzles; thus, interconnection to other inflatables would be convenient. Some also can find air mattress with built in pump. Electric pumps could be rechargeable or powered by an electrical outlet. Electric pumps are recommended for home use because electrical outlets are readily available. The rechargeable ones could be used for camping and short day trips.


Air pumps vary in sizes and shapes, so they technically have different weights. The weight of an air pump is important to consider because of the portability factor. If you plan to use the air pump outdoors, like during camping or travels abroad, then you should invest in a device that weighs less but has more power. Electric pumps tend to weigh less than manual pumps, but they are limited in power since they won’t be able to function without electrical outlets or batteries. Manual pumps are made to be bigger and could weigh more. However, they fare well in camping trips. You might just need to search for a portable manual air pump or a rechargeable electric pump that does not weigh you down.


The size also matters if you plan to use the air pump for air mattress at the camping and day trips. Bear in mind that your backpack or car has limited space; thus, a small-sized air pump will be the perfect solution. There are a lot of sizable air pumps on the market, both manual and electric. It is up to you what size you should get, depending on the availability of space. You should not also compromise the power of the device over the size. You might be able to bring a miniature pump on your next camping trip, but discovered that it is not enough to inflate your whole air bed. Bringing the air pump would still be useless, despite freeing some space in your bag.

Power Source

Electric air mattress pumps need a power source to work. While the standard setup is to connect the air pump to an electrical outlet, there are already rechargeable ones on the market. Determine how you should use the air pump. Would it be for your air beds at home or office? Are you using air pumps for your day trips? Standard electric pumps are excellent for home use because there are electric outlets everywhere. If you are visiting a nearby pool area, it can also be used since resorts have electric outlets free of use for guests. You can even connect your air pumps to your cars, as long as the connector is compatible.

For camping purposes, the best thing you can bring is a rechargeable air pump. These air pumps have enough power to inflate an air bed two to three times. They are also portable and wireless, which makes it hassle free to carry them around. However, if you do not go camping much, investing in an expensive rechargeable mattress air pump might be a bad deal. You can just buy a manual pump because it requires no power source and is very cheap.


After evaluating how you would likely to use the air pump, you would already know what to buy. Whether it is a manual or electric pump, bear in mind that you cannot compare them both on price alone. For example, you might want to get a manual pump just because it’s cheap even if you have weak muscles and a sedentary lifestyle. You might expose yourself to injury because of your refusal to invest in easy-to-use air pumps. The same goes for those who want to buy electric pumps even if they would be using it for camping. Unless you are staying at campgrounds with electrical outlets, steer clear from stand air pumps that require direct power sources.

It is best to set your priorities straight before barging in the nearest hardware store. Weigh the pros and cons of both manual and electric pumps, and apply them to your personal experience. Which do you need most? You can simply check our website to look at customer reviews on different air pumps on the market. Ask the advice of others regarding air pumps and you might be referred to the perfect product for your needs. Never let the price bother you because the right investment will not just keep your air beds inflated and firm, but also maintain the comfort your body needs while resting.

Looking at Reviews

There are a lot of air pumps on the market that could fit your needs. If you have not owned a single air pump in your life, you might not have the advantage of knowing what is best for your air mattress. Having a checklist is great, but that would only shorten your list, for it to be as specific as possible. Normally, you would still have three to four choices that have reached your standards. How would you determine the best one from your short list? If you can’t try it beforehand, you might just get the first on your list. However, this is where the problem starts. You only have access to basic information about the air pump, and you probably don’t know how it fares well in reality. That is why you need to look at best air pumps we selected for you.

All air mattress pump reviews are available online on our website, as long as you know what to search. The best websites to look at reviews on air pumps and air mattresses would be Best Blow Up Beds 4 Us. We provide reviews for product that on sale on Amazon and Amazon is already a world-recognized web retailer that provides an array of items on sale. Apart from the basic information, they also let their customers to review the product they bought. The reviews could only be a rating (up to 5 stars) or it could be a complete review, including pros and cons and actual experience of using it. Most Amazon reviews are made by amateurs who are just sharing their first impressions about the product.

If you want an in- depth review about air pumps and air mattresses, then the website entitled “Best Blow Up Beds 4 Us” is the perfect guide for you. Since Amazon allows everybody to share their user experience, you might only find a few of them helpful. Amateurs would review them without a background and just based their opinions purely on first impressions. The website mentioned above has a team of professionals who review and test various air mattresses and air pumps. They could provide great reviews of air pumps for you to compare. Their reviews could start from technical details to actual testing on various conditions, like camping. By knowing how your chosen air pumps function in reality, you would know what is better. It gives you a perspective in the selection and allows you to weigh the pros and cons, like versatility, durability, weight, design appeal and the like. Now, you won’t just base your choice on the technical details like nozzle type and power source. You are smart enough to look beyond its features, and look at things that matter.

Looking at guides will not just help you compare the products in your shortened list of air pumps. It would also help you in handling these things to maximize their use and prolong their benefit. The site features an array of guides from simple “how-to’s” to instructional videos about air mattresses and air pumps. Beginners and users of air mattresses would find something new to learn from this website because its team updates regularly and make sure that the content is fresh and informative. If you are willing to look at guides that tell you the proper way to handle air mattress pumps and air mattresses, then Best Blow Up Beds 4 Us is your best friend.

How To Choose Best Camping Sleeping Pad

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When a number of individuals hear the words camping sleeping pad, they mostly characterize it as basically a nice cushioned layer, meant to work like a buffer from lean floor to rocky uneven earth. Surprisingly, sleeping pads are a multiplex category of outdoor product, even though they are a gear piece with a very simple functionality. It is quite challenging to shop for a new sleeping pad if you have not updated yourself with their current technology. Nevertheless, it is advisable to note down your outdoor activity requirements and the ones that are ideal and will fit your needs.

There are two important benefits of sleeping pads; one is insulation and the other one is cushioning. You may think that cushioning is the most used functionality of a pad; it isn’t the case as a number of times it is used for insulating oneself from cold surfaces.

Most hikers in their initial stage fail to understand the importance of having a camping sleeping pad in good condition. It doesn’t matter if your sleeping bag is the best, there is a chance that you may end up sleeping under the stars miserably if you don’t have a sleeping pad. In order to have a perfect sleep system, a sleeping pad must be included.  First and foremost, it offers an extra insulated layer, between the hard cold ground and you. The weight of your body will be forced to crush the sleeping bag insulation towards the ground which will, at the end, render it less effective. It is true that it is quite uncomfortable sleeping on the ground. Cushioning yourself makes it all comfortable. The use of sleeping pads is much far better than using pine needles or pile of leaves for cushioning. We all know that you can only sleep well when you are comfortable hence the better your night will be.

Since you have familiarized yourself with sleeping pad necessities, you also need to have a wide knowledge of availability of various types of sleeping pads in order to select the ones that are ideal for you whenever you need them. Since you now know why it is necessary to have a sleeping pad, you need to research and know the different types of pads that are available in order for you to choose the right one that fits you.

There are four different kinds of sleeping pads available today in the market. These are: closed-cell foam sleeping pads, self inflatable sleeping pads, open-cell foam sleeping pads and backpacking air mattresses. Each sleeping pad for camping has its own advantages and disadvantages.

How-To-Choose-sleeping-padHow Does a Sleeping Pad Work?

Sleeping pads hold and trap the non-circulating air between you and the ground that is normally cold. It does this in the same way that bags for sleeping does. The trapped air is gradually warmed up by your body hence making it an insulated barrier.

Your body weight compresses the loft for trapping heat on your sleeping bag; a pad is therefore required so that it can cushion you from depleting heat contact with the cold floor. This kind of heat loss is referred to as,” conduction”. The insulation function of the pad relies upon the amount of air trapped inside and how it is free to circulate.

Shop according To Your Style and Need

You personally know the extent of comfort that you need for you to soundly sleep. Always keep in mind the kind of territory you will be sleeping on. Whether it is rocky, flat or out on the mountains, choose a pad that easy to pack, of the right weight and will be comfortable.

If you are camping during winter, ensure that your pad has insulating features like a close celled pad or a self-inflating pad. The terrain around you will determine the type of sleeping pad you shop for and it will help you narrow down your choices to the type of pad that perfectly functions for you and will fit your personal style of sleeping.

A lot of insulation is required when camping on snow during winter. It is therefore recommended to use two pads: one that has an air inflatable sleeping pad on top of a pad that has closed-air-cell. The foam of the sleeping pad increases insulation and provides insurance when the pad that is inflatable punctures.

Backpackers that love comfort may opt for pads that are thick and are durable. The compromise is of course to increase weight.

Hikers who go a long distance prefer the lightest pad available. A pad that is of minimum weight and is small in size surpasses all the factors. Go for a short pad that inflates itself or pick one that has basic foam.

If weight and size are not factors that limit you, you have the freedom to take a large and thick pad since it provides comfort when sleeping and is more luxurious. This pad is ideal for boat and car camping.

Best Backpacking Sleeping Pads

Self Inflatable Sleeping Pads

These pads are the same as those that are manually inflated, unlike the latter; these pads have a layer foam cell that is open hence allowing the pad to automatically inflate. When the air valve of the pad is opened, the open foam cell expands and the mattress is filled with air, this reduces the amount of time and effort involved when preparing your bed. To get the firmness that you desire, some extra inflation is required manually and just like the air pad inflated manually, self-inflating pads are prone to tear and puncture.

These pads have a combination of comfort of pads with open cell foam with the closed foam cell that is resistant to weather and is warm. It is combined of foam that is open celled which is made of material that is airtight and waterproof. Self-inflating pads are heavier and not easily affordable.

Kits for repair are included when you purchase the mattresses or can be bought separately. Manually inflating and self-inflating pads are alike and have the same functions. Go for a pad that is self-inflating because it can be used easily in a package that is heavier. A pad that is manually inflated is ideal for a small size pack and is light weighed.

Advantages: Adjustable firmness, comfortable, inflation that is automatic, excellent insulation, compact.

Disadvantages: Are expensive, heavier, and prone to punctures and can be ripped easily.

Air Sleeping Pads

These pads are inflated manually; other models have an external hand pump that helps when inflating the pad. Air is used for buffering with other models integrating materials that are reflective or insulating fill in order to intensify warmth.

Advantages: Lightweight, Can be used for camping during hot conditions, comfortable and good for backpacking, repairs at field easier.

Disadvantages:  Very expensive, are heavier compared to other pads, may be punctured or ripped easily.

Foam Sleeping Pads

Foam pads are characterized with a foam that is dense and is filled with tiny air cells that are closed.

Advantages: Great insulation, affordable and cheap, lightweight, durable, great insulation, are waterproof.

Disadvantages: Hard and firm, not comfortable, are bulky.

Closed Cell Foam Sleeping  Pads

This pad is made of foam that is dense and filled up with air cells that are small and closed. It is very light in weight, lasts longer and is the cheapest pad available. The only disadvantage about this pad that you can’t be able to adjust the pads firmness; you only get what is there. This pad also accumulates a big space and most of the time it has to be tied to the packs exterior but you won’t notice easily because they are light weighed. Most of the time, these pads have reflective metallic layer on one end of the pad which offers insulation.

These pads are a good option for: ice climbing, thru-hiking, bike touring, Mountaineering, alpine and ultralight sleeping pad.

Sizes and Shapes of Sleeping Pads

Always consider the shape and length of a pad. Some pads only fit your body’s upper half, a lot of weight is saved and this type of pad is good during trips in summertime. During winter, however, a pad of full length is required.

Sleeping pads for camping mostly come in a wide range of sizes and shape in order for it to accommodate the needs of buyers. Your height will determine whether you purchase a regular pad or one that is long. Pads are sized in centimeters and/or inches making it easier for you to determine the mattress size that fits you.

Buy a pad that is long by some inches to prevent your feet from hanging off the end. When doing thru-hiking or ultra-light trips a small pad is ideal since it minimizes weight.

Another factor to consider is the thickness of your sleeping pad which is very vital. Thicker pads are very comfortable especially on hard ground because they have a lot of materials. Thicker pads are ideal when you need comfort mostly if you are camping on car or canoe. Thin pads are low weighed and you can go for them if you can survive using them.

What about Insulation?

Insulation is one factor of sleeping pads that should never be overlooked. Air found in the self-inflating pad or the closed celled foam is warmed with the heat from your body hence insulating you from the cold in the ground. Other pads also have a material that reflects heat therefore your body heat is not transferred to the ground but is directed back to you.  Temperature in the sleeping bags are made and rated with the speculation that it is a sleeping pad being used!


R-Value is used to measure the insulating ability of a sleeping pad. This is done by measuring the thermal resistance of materials. The greater the R-value, the warmer it is going to be. A high R –value provides enough insulation during winter.

Air Mattresses for Camping

Air Mattresses

These mattresses compared to foam sleeping pads are more thick and are used for car camping. They look like a real bed as they are normally sized and normal sheets can be used on them. These pads provide comfort using air; others have a lot chambers of air hence can be manually adjusted while others have pillows that are built-in.

Advantages: Very comfortable, quick and easy to inflate using an electric portable pump, ideal as a bed for guests or for car and boat camping.

Disadvantages:  Extremely bulky and heavy, a pump is needed for excellent inflation, does not insulate, used for conditions that are mild only.

Self-Inflating Air Mattresses

These types of mattresses have a similar type of air and foam technology for backpacking just like the pads that are self-inflating, but are thicker and comfortable.

Backpacking Air Mattresses

These mattresses are inflatable, small and at the end of the day sleeping on an air mattress is very comforting but it has some setbacks. The probability of leaking is very high even though the mattresses are very durable. A lot of stress is put on the backpackers gears and this may cause the leakage. It is very hard to fix a leak while in the field and worst of all at night. Problem is, if you don’t fix the leak, you end up sleeping on the hard cold ground. These mattresses also have a problem with insulation. The air inside the mattress is chilled by the temperature outside and that air is circulated below you. These types of mattresses are therefore suitable for use during warm weather conditions. Other backpacking mattresses have added insulation to the mattress to reduce this problem. The added sack can be used as a pillow and can pump air too.

Foam mattresses are close-celled and are the only available warmest backpacking sleeping pads.  They also provide comfort to the smallest amount. They are dense and have tiny closed cells hence heat is retained and prevents water from being absorbed. Therefore, these pads are warm, light in weight, very durable and are water-resistant. Foam sleeping pads are very affordable and if you are on a small budget then it is the ideal mattress for you. Some of them have textured ridges to offer extra comfort but they offer a limited amount in form of cushioning.

Open celled foam mattresses just like their names have open air cells. They are softer and provide more cushioning. Due to this, they are heavier and bulky and are not therefore suitable for backpacking. Also, they are bad insulators during cold season and they absorb water and allow air circulation. However, they are a lot warmer compared to uninsulated mattresses, are comfortable and cheap. Nevertheless, they are a lot more popular and are best option for backpacking.

Compare Features and Specs

R Value: Thick and dense pads have a higher R value. This means that they are insulated well.

Surface that’s textured: Buy a pad that is textured on the surface to prevent you from slipping to the cold ground.

Length: Long and regular pads need to be able to insulate your feet and legs.

Width: Almost all pads offer standard width.

Pads for women: These are usually short and provide insulation to hips and feet.

Go for the right pad and you will definitely have a good night’s sleep!!

Purchasing Advice

Before you buy a sleeping pad, it’s advisable to honestly and carefully assess what you need the pad for.  This will help you determine the kind of pad that will perform well and that best suits you. Here are a few guidelines;

– Do you require a well cushioned pad for you to soundly sleep or can you sleep well anywhere?

– Do you know well the terrain you will be camping on?

– How much comfort do you need?

– Do you know the temperature level of where you are going to camp?

– Will you be canoe/boat camping, hiking, camping on snow or will you be camping on a car?

– How much are you willing to pay?

– What pad features do you need?

Other Options For Camping Sleeping Pads Are:

  • Pillows: You can carry a compressible or inflatable pillow in order to enhance comfort while asleep.
  • Seat pads: These pads have easy pack ability and they provide buffer to the seat making them comfortable to sleep on.
  • Chair kits: They are light weighed. Your pad that is self-inflating does a double-role; as a comfortable seat and as a complete backrest.

How to Choose Best Blow up Mattress

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Being comfortable is definitely the best thing that you can ever experience, especially if you are really tired from work or school. As much as possible, you just want to rest on a very comfortable bed. It actually really helps to rest on comfortable pads because most likely, you will have a very tired body. There are also people who also love to travel a lot. They always make sure that they are able to explore new places by keeping some money and make it as their travel fund. Other than making sure that you have the money and itinerary for travel, you should make sure that you are comfortable at all times. There are many things that will be a big help to you when it comes to comfort. One of the best things that you can add to your luggage is a blow up mattress.

What Is a Blow Up Mattress?

A blow up beds, also known as airbed, is an inflatable mattress that can be folded and stored easily. Usually, it is made of textile-reinforced textile or rubber. This is very popular among people who go camping or out of town. Also, this is perfect for households that receive guests but do not have more space. In order to inflate the mattress, you can either do it orally, or use a manual foot-powered pump. There is some air mattresses that automatically inflates once the valve is opened. This kind of mattress has started to gain popularity in many people because of the various advantages and benefits that you can get from it.

air-mattressAdvantages of Blow Up Mattresses

Aside from the comfort that it provides, the blow up mattress also offers various health and other benefits. These mattresses are very comfortable, and come very handy as well. For sure, they cater to the different needs of the customers, especially that they have a wide range of sizes, as well as prices. You have to make sure that you do a lot of research if you are planning to have an air mattress. This will give you a perfect choice by taking into consideration the price, durability, blowing up method and price.

There are many people who bring blow up beds whenever they are out of the house because it provides so much comfort. If you also need additional mattresses at home but do not have enough space, this is the perfect one to buy. The best thing about bringing these mattresses is that, it is very convenient and easy to carry. If you do not want to use it, you can simply deflate it and keep it out of your sight. For sure this will not consume too much of your space.

Also, air mattresses give you the chance to adjust the firmness of the sleeping surface, depending on your preference or need. For people who have breathing problems, they can make the sleeping surface very firm. This will make sure that they do not feel like drowning on the blow up mattress.

A lot of people really appreciate the use of blow up mattresses because these are very portable and handy. Air mattresses are the easy solution that is fast and affordable. In just a matter of minutes, any room can be easily converted to a guest bedroom. This is very convenient not just for you, but also for your guest.

A blow up beds has multiple uses. It can be used in camping outdoors, permanent use in the bedroom, or a temporary home use for your guests. This is one of the best things about this kind of mattress. Whether you will go for a trip with the whole family or you will just stay at home, blow up mattresses will surely give you the best comfort that you deserve.

Choosing the best air mattress bed can be crucial. There are many things that you need to consider so that you will have the best experience. It does not mean that if you need a blow up mattress, you should rush to the mall and buy one. You have to think carefully of some factors.

Things To Consider


The first thing that you should take into consideration is the purpose of getting a blow up beds. You have to think whether you want to use it indoors or outdoors. There are different considerations that you have to make if you are eying on a best blow up air mattress for camping. For camping mattresses, you should check the material used in making the mattress. You might put it on the grass or will use it on various surfaces. Because of this, you have to ensure that your chosen air bed mattress is scratch resistant or tough enough. This will ensure that it will not get damaged that easily. Moreover, if you are driving a truck when going out, you can get a truck air mattress. It is designed with the sides cut off so that it will fit the back of your truck.


It is very important to get a blow up bed that is highly durable. Buying a mattress with poor quality is just like wasting your money. Of course you do not want this to happen. Make sure that the materials are of good quality to ensure the durability of the mattress.


Another thing that you have to consider is the size. If you are the only one who will use the air mattress, then most likely you will just buy a single type. There is also a twin size for two persons. Other than that, you can also have queen or king sizes, which is best for families. This is to make sure that you and your family has enough space in lying down on your blow up mattress. Aside from having comfortable and fluffy pillows with you, you will surely feel more comfortable with a spacious mattress.

Manual or Built-in Pump

You may also prefer blow up mattresses that have either manual pump or built-in pump. Of course, the air mattresses need to be pumped. It is easier to have some blow up mattresses that already have built-in pumps because all you have to do is press a switch or button. This is also more convenient for you because the pump is immediately available. For manual pumps, it might be difficult, and it might take you so much effort to do so because this means that you will be using the power of your lungs in inflating the mattress, or you will use an electric pump powered by power outlet or battery. However, it actually depends on your preference. If you prefer to blow it on your own, you have to get one with the one-way valve.

Inflation and Deflation Time

Furthermore, you have to consider the time you need to both inflate and deflate the blow up mattress. Of course, it would be a lot better if you choose a mattress that is fast in inflating and deflating so that you can save time and effort as well. Also, if you are really tired already, it would be a disadvantage if you have an air mattress that takes time to inflate. As a result, you may end up not using it at all.


There are also some people who are also very conscious about the design of the blow up mattress. Perhaps this is the least important of all the things that need to be considered, but it is not wrong that you also mind this. This will enhance the beauty of your room, and you will feel more relaxed. Moreover, if you also have kids at home, having a best blow up mattress with a good design will make them enjoy it.

Sleep Surface

Many blow up mattresses already have incorporated soft, flocked fabric tops in order to add comfort, but there are also some that have now modern sleep surface materials, such as memory foam and pillow top. For sure, these materials would surely add to the price of the mattress, but if your top priority is the comfort and luxury for your family and guests, you should be looking for good quality sleep surfaces.

Bed Linen

Most of the available air mattresses fit standard sheet sizes, but there are still some exceptions. Because of this, you have to make sure the dimensions of the model that you are planning to buy so that you will know if your linen will fit. It is highly recommended that you choose the blow up mattresses that will allow you to tuck in the sheets. In this way, there is a less chance that the bed linens will slide off, especially when everyone is asleep.

Mattress Cover

There are some brands of mattresses that already include mattress covers when you decide to buy their mattresses, but not all have these. This is the reason why you should consider buying one because it actually helps you a lot, especially in maintaining cleanliness of the sleep surface. Of course, it is unavoidable that you may perspire during sleep, and may cause stains.

Other Features

There is also some blow up mattresses that have other features. You may want to avail them, but this would also mean that you will need to spend more money for these air mattresses. One feature that you can avail is the memory foam. This is a polyurethane material, which is sensitive to temperature and pressure. With this feature on your chosen blow up mattress, it ensures that you are safe from getting back pains when resting. You will not also feel the cold surface of the floor. Also, it actually molds to the shape of your body.

Moreover, another feature that you can avail is dual chambers. A dual chamber air mattress is the one utilized for high finish blow up mattresses. With the help of two chambers inside, it is possible for the separate sides of the mattress to be inflated at diverse levels. This is very useful for couples or those people who sleep with their pets. Even though this is more expensive compared to ordinary air mattresses, the comfort that you will feel is totally worth it and is much better compared to single chamber mattresses.

Some blow up mattresses also include a remote control. Through this, you can adjust the firmness of the blow up mattress. However, even though remote controls are available, there are still people who do not opt for these kinds of air mattresses because you can just actually reach for the switch on your own.

One of the best features that you can ever get with your blow up mattresses is the repair kit. If ever something wrong happens with your blow up mattress, having a repair kit included will be a big help. You can repair it on your own, especially that there are a lot of instructions that you can follow online. If there are holes or leaks on your air mattress, this is surely a big problem. This is the reason why it is very essential to have a repair kit. By having a repair kit, you can repair the leak of your blow up mattress. The first thing that you need to do is find the leak. Finding the leak may be easy or hard because some are visible and others would determine it by knowing where the air comes from. When you already know where the leak is, you should not forget to mark it so that you will not miss it anymore. Finally, you have to repair it through the kit. Without the kit, you still have to find the right products to use, which may take some of your time.

There are people who always think about the money that they spend. As a result, they always look for a warranty. If something wrong happens with your blow up mattresses, you can have them checked perhaps without the need to spend. If ever you do not opt for air mattresses that have repair kits, having a warranty is already enough. For sure, you will not regret, especially that it is beneficial when the time comes that you will have problems with your mattresses. Aside from getting blow up mattresses with warranties, you should also make sure that the quality of the product is not compromised at all. The quality is still the most important thing to consider.

Decide Where To Shop

It is best to buy from amazon store because in this way, you will not spend time going to the stores and buy product in a box without reviews. It is very important that you can take a look at the air mattress reviews that you would choose so that you will know the materials used and other quality concerns. The photos from online stores have more verity  that is why it may not be that effective compared to buying from a online store that you can visit. According to product managers, more online customers more satisfied to buy product online to the people who shop in a store.

Other than ensuring that the mattress that you will buy is of good quality, you can also have more chances of availing sales. Department stores may be a hassle for you, especially that it can be crowded. The sales people from these online stores are more affective. If you are concerned about your budget, you can pick the least expensive mattress from top brands, and when you have an enough budget already, you may get the pricey ones. Take note that the comparing of air mattresses are often displayed in front page.

One more advantage to buy from online store that you can suggest a particular online store to your friends and get coupons or discount in the future.

Stop Looking Around Different Stores

Before deciding the final blow up air mattress that you want to buy, it is much better to have all information at “Best Blow Up Beds R Us” that you need to choose. In this way, we make sure you will get the best price and discount. This will also prevent you from having regrets in the future as well. If possible, you can go through the different shops first, and take note of your chosen mattress at these stores. We already did all research for you and provided all information that you may have questions about.

If you wake up achy or tired, perhaps you should think about buying a new mattress. Also, other signs that you need to buy a new blow up bed, it is already old and it looks saggy. Choosing a blow up bed is definitely challenging. There are many things that you need to consider, especially if you are the kind of person who is very meticulous. With the help of your blow up mattress, you will absolutely have a comfortable rest whether you are in your homes or staying outdoors.